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Trivia is supposed to be tough, and there should be a 3rd place prize May 31, 2008

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It was a tough night, especially the 3rd round.  We had all-time low scores in that round.  Hate it or not, it kept the scores much tighter than usual.   And, we had three different round winners.  Everyone likes that.

Starting things off well was the Chutes and Ladders are More My Speed half of the Illiterate Peasant’s regular team.  With a tie for the win in the first round they seemed to not need their other half, Space Station Brown Cow.  However, as the game wore on, it was clear that separating the brains on that team was debilitating.  Everyone appreciates that you guys didn’t try to play with seven people, though, especially me! 

BIG THANKS again to the Illiterate Peasant for the super-fancy, (and well-cut), answer sheets!  Many player comments of appreciation were noted on Wednesday.  🙂

Chutes and Ladders are More My Speed and Space Station Brown Cow

Winning the second round and taking second place overall, the Jen Long Name team was up to their usual dominance.  First place was only one point away, but then again, so was third.  Their actual team name went something like, Jen likes long team names so something something, we want free beer, or something like that.  I shortened it to Jen Long Name.  Clever cats you guys are! 

Jen Long Name

Before we get to the winners of the trivia, how about the TNON?  (Reminder:  TNON = Team Name of the Night)  It was players choice night again and the vote was for Angry sex is awesome.  Let’s pick a fight tonight.  This team has won the TNON more times than any other team.  They have the game figured out, folks.  Can you beat them?

Angry sex is awesome, let’s pick a fight tonight. 

Now, back to the game.  After losing the tiebreaker in the first round and then a poor showing in the second round, it was quite the accomplishment for the I Like Ike team to come back in the torturous third round for the win.  Only by one point, but that’s all it takes!

I Like Ike

A quick Welcome Back note to the The one that says MF on it team after a long hiatus.  Glad to see you guys again! 

The one that says MF on it

And now, the rest of you sexy smarties:

Johnny Drama is my Hero

Hiding in the Bushes

We Need a Name


Team C

Salt and Pepper Mafia (actually their parents) and they were the Jelly Beans

It wasn’t as crazy a night as we had all through April and the first weeks of May, but with 13 teams and difficult trivia, it was feeling pretty busy to me.  Talks about a third place prize will happen.  With consistently 10 plus teams (13 plus for 5 of the last 6 weeks) I hear you guys when you think that is reasonable.  I’ll keep you posted. 

Thanks again for a great Wednesday as always at Old Chicago in Wheat Ridge! 

See you next time,



Jackson’s – Marci’s Training Night May 30, 2008

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Hey everyone!  Thursday night was my first night on the mic, and everyone took it pretty easy on me.  Thank you for that!!  I’m not sure if the players were the guinea pigs or I was, but either way, it went well.  I had a little bit of stage fright at the beginning, but quickly got over that.  I did find that with the wireless mic that I couldn’t take one step to the right, because I lost reception.

What an enthusiastic crowd at Jackson’s last night, I hope you guys weren’t just putting on an act for the newbie.  We had 8 teams to start and 7 at the end-  just one snuck out early.  We had the dj spinning mixes and answering trivia at the same time.  Way to go Dangerous Dan and your team, I Always Wear Condoms on Trivia Night.

Osiris, weekly regulars came back this week to play with us.  (I’m believing the regular host, Tobin, that they come every week, maybe I should come back next week to see for myself).  They never seemed quite confident of their answers, but won a pitcher of beer for taking round one.  And ended the game in third place, way to go!

The winner of round two, and also second place overall, Can We Hear Four Songs at One Time, put up a good fight.  Maybe he’s flipping off the camera cause they only heard three songs?  Or maybe it’s cause they wanted more beer?  Hmmm, or maybe it’s because he’s got a girl and he’s making fun of the fifth wheel in the corner?

Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers came straight from a kickball game.  They must have had a good adrenaline rush, cause they were rowdy and then swept in and won round three and then took the game by two points.  I’m sensing we should change the name to “Little Lebowski’s Over Achievers.”  With half a pitcher still on the table when I delivered the freebie pitcher, I’m hoping they saved the free beer gift certificates for next time (unless they start the weekend early, like I did today).

I’m not sure which was Ted, but nobody on this team seemed dead.  Big Head Ted, Soon to Be Dead was a strong opponent throughout the game.  But wait, what’s the guy in the middle looking at?!


Now this team looks a little uneven with the sexes there.  That must be why Merkins wanted more hockey questions.

The girls from, 3 Way, brought two men with them.  I’m not sure if they just couldn’t decide which one to pick, or what the story was.  Every time I talked to this foursome about their name, they seemed to have a different rational for having that name.


Again, I’d like to thank you guys for being such good sports with me.  And as Tobin said, “If you find yourself gay and on Colfax, visit Marci at Charlie’s on Tuesday!”

Busy Night May 28, 2008

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Well I was planning on writing this tomorrow, but since the guy that lives above me is stomping all over the place right now and I can’t sleep, I suppose now’s a good a time as any!

Wow!  Tons of teams playing!  Altogether there were 18 teams that played at some point in the evening, but only 8 made it the whole way.  Here we go…

Lakers Suck-  Yes, Lakers do suck.  Actually I have no opinion on the Lakers, although I do know that the team originated in Minnesota.  And I knew that before I was a trivia host.  Anyhow- the new member was unexpected, but paid off in the end.  Blue Ribbon once again!

5 People One Dream-  I still am wondering what this dream of yours is.  I’m very intrigued.  Would it be the dream of winning the Old Chicago Trivia Tournament 2008?   Start getting here earlier so you don’t have to sit on the other side of the bar.  It’s kind of a far trek everytime isn’t it?

Oops for You- Nice to see you again!  Hopefully you come back next week so your team name can be Oops I Did It Again  Except even better! 

Ok, its very late so I just want to close here with some things I’m looking forward to next week…

1.  All of you coming back

2.  Keith

3.  Actually starting on time.  Still a goal here.  This week my excuse is that I thought the connection betwen my computer and the tv was bad, which technically is true.  Because I didn’t have the cord plugged in all the way.

4.  The DD’s and the DDD’s in a rumble over the rights to using a multiple number of D’s in a team name.

5.  J and J vs. J in a rumble over the rights to using the letter  J in a team name.

6.  Maybe moving up to the patio one of these days?!  It’s been brought up, not sure if its really happening though.

7.  April coming back from Florida

8.  Welcoming new players on business trips to the game. 

9.  More tie-breakers.  I can’t believe we had a triple tie! 

10.  Sicilian Pizza Rolls.   Man, those things are good

See ya next week! 


Pogue Mahone’s Irish Pub May 22, 2008

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Where was I and how did I get there.. That was the theme of the night as I rushed over to start trivia as I was running a bit late.. I was at the Rockies game and tossed a few beverages before, during, and after. Before I knew it, trivia time was about to start.

We had five teams play which was alot better than last week. The bar was pretty full of people wanting and having fun on a great night for Buzzwordz trivia.

The team, Quazimodo, did really well. In fact, they won the 25$ gift certificate for the overall winner. Lots of knowledge on that team, as usual. Isnt it about time that even with a name change they should start being generous with the winnings?

Team McOld People, are always there each and every week. Love when they show because they bring some ample knowledge and fun. I think they came in second place, but I cant be sure.

Best team name went to Scratch and Sniff. What we needed to scratch and sniff was never expressed, but I wasnt going to try either. They were on time since they got flagged for being late last week. They mustve gotten that new watch. They came in third place with nothing to show for it.

A favorite team each week is The Guys Over There. The full crew showed up and what can you say about them, except that they are consistantly at the bar ready for trivia and winning beers. Great job again guys.


The Goombas, was possibly the scariest team of all. Make sure you dont make Megan mad or she will stab you with her arsenal of pens. They started strong, but alas, work called and Mike and Megan had to go back to serving the guests of the pub. Better luck next week kids.

Thanks to everyone that showed and thanks for letting me party with you. I will see everyone next week and that night will be a blowout.


Calm after the storm much welcomed May 22, 2008

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Surprise, surprise, I’m blogging on Thursday!  It would have seemed crazy to call a night with ten teams calm last year when we were just getting started with trivia at Old C’s Wheat Ridge, but not anymore.  After weeks of overflow and overwhelming your host (it was good though!) we had a nice solid night with a full room of smart people. 

Starting off the evening right was our friend, the “Illiterate Peasant”, who was expecting two teammates to show up eventually, but decided to go for the team name competition before they showed up with them in mind.  With the name tres borrachos (three drunks) I just couldn’t resist giving him the win.   His teammates showed up eventually, and got to enjoy the free beer too.   I don’t think they really lived up to their name, but they did come in third place overall!

tres borrachos

Two familiar teams battled it out for the top prize last night.  Ted’s Tumor took the first round after winning the tiebreaker.  Kennedy Curse took the second round clean.  Ted’s Tumor came back in the third round to win the round, but not by enough, and Kennedy Curse won by two points.   Excellent battle!

Kennedy Curse

Ted’s Tumor

Newbie team, Joey’s Revenge made a great showing for the first time coming in 4th.  Hope to see you guys back next week!

Joey’s Revenge

As always, Team X made a solid showing, but even with a new player couldn’t quite money.  Love you guys anyway!

Team X

Down to just two players last night, with occasional help from another player more interested in pool, the Rich Farmers had a tough night points-wise.  At least you could hear me this time!

Rich Farmers

The other new team, It’s You McMuffin, gave up at the end, but that’s ok.  You can join in or quit at anytime!  Quitters don’t tend to win though.  😉

It’s you McMuffin!

Sort-of combined teams, the Come back kids and No Shot always have fun at Wednesday night trivia, but it’s more the beer than the trivia, I know. 

Come back kids

No Shot

Well, there you have it!  A calmer, but still quality night of trivia at Old C’s WR.  Just what I needed after a busy birthday week!  

See you next Wednesday!


Old C’s Wednesday Night Trivia With Brody! May 22, 2008

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Hey Hey everyone thanks again for coming out this week we had a blast last night and we are keeping a group of regular teams which always makes for good competition!  For the first time so far The Lone Rangers came out on top after winning the tiebreak with CD’s Nuttz who had won the last 2 in a row!  Blah Blah Blah showed up about 50% but didn’t play the whole game, so make sure to come back in force next week! Ramrod and Trio put up a wonderful fight however tying for the third round!  It’s a great game out here at Old C’s so bring some friends and make your middle of the week a little more fun!  Thanks for playing everyone and have a great long weekend!


w00t! Tuesday Night Trivia Old C’s Downtown! May 22, 2008

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Alright alright great week here dowtown heading into Memorial day, schools are getting out so we are seeing more teachers in the house! Should make the summer games quite interesting!  As for Tuesday night we had a battle til the end between regulars The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers and The Monkees with the Monkees comig out on top in a tiebreak for the 3rd round and the game!  However coming ever so much more closely to winning 99 Bananas won the first round and if it weren’t for a tough 3rd round question they would have taken out all of the other teams straight up!  Come Up and See Me and Car Ramrod joined the fun for a couple of rounds but didn’t quite answer all of the questions.  Please join us again next week bring your friends and have a great long weekend, I know I will!


Thank you DDD’s May 20, 2008

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I think that I would like to start off here by again thanking Mr. John from the DDD’s for bringing me something totally AWESOME!  John thought it would be a good idea to make up some new answer sheets.  They are all pretty and have lines and even a space for the team name!  Thanks to you, not only did we have enough sheets for the night, but now there won’t be any forgetting to write the team name.  THANK YOU!!!

Ok, what else here.  Oh yeah-  I feel the need to toot my own horn.  It only took me 6 tries, but I finally got BOTH the music and the tvs to work, and with no help from anyone thank you very much.  Ok, yes this is my job and I am a quasi-capable adult, but I was still pleased with myself.   My goal for next week is to not only do all that, but get started at 7 on the dot too. 

I’m still feeling like there are a couple things I’m missing here, but I can’t remember so I suppose I will just move right along here…

Taking the grand prize for the evening is Baked Mac and Cheese!  So you think you can just not show up for a couple weeks and come and take all the prizes from everyone else?  Oh wait, you can.  And you did.  Just kidding, its good to see you back:)

Constantinople Thunder Train (aka- 3 People, One Dream)  I’m not actually sure who you were tonight.  I heard some sort of disagreement about someone taking your name, but then I found out you were actually friends.  But then they either left or joined your team or something.  I don’t know….   But you did take 2nd place, and that’s all that matters.

DDD- Currently my favorite team.  Did I mention thank you?  Nice work rounding up third place.

76-39-  I still find it interesting that the more you drank, the better you performed.   Isn’t it usually the opposite? 

Ace and George-  So, I still don’t know where Ace is. 

Sexy Heels-   Ok, so test season is soon to be over.  No more books at the bar!  It’s great to see some ladies that are committed though. 

Bountiful Fountain- Awesome job tonight!  See you again hopefully?!  Pretty please?

Lay Off My Wife!-  I really want to know where this name comes from. 

Mustang Marine-  You boys….  😉

Stumpy-  Latecomers- you did well!   Come earlier next week and there is a greater chance you will win stuff!

Tobinettes-  This was an emotional roller coaster for me, you’re such a tease.  First you’re leaving, then you have a friend join you, then you leave with 2 questions to spare.   You’re lucky you are friends with Tobin. 

Team MSA-  I’m glad you talked yourselves into staying.  Next Tuesay?   Like… have any plans?  I know of a cool bar you can play trivia at…  Just let me know.

Ok ladies and gents, I’m tired and I’s gots to get up and work my arse off tomorrow before I go to see the Cure at Red Rocks.   First Red Rocks show in a looooonnnnnggggg time.   Anyone going?   Look for me.  I’ll be the one quizzing everybody on Cure Trivia. 



Busy Night at Charlies! May 20, 2008

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What perfect weather!  Hoppin patio with loads of teams playing.

I really gotta hand it to the JETS, who stood up to stiff competition and won a solid 1st place prize for a whole month now.

Round winners Heros softly disappeared in the evening like a wisp of smoke from your friendly Charlies Bar patio.

Alleycat proved themselves Prowlicious, with consistent answers the whole night.  They are worthy second place victors.

The eagerly anticipated return of the King Prawns livened the night, in the atmoshpere of reduced second hand smoke ratio.  Yay summer!  A solid performance grabbed a third place bar tab.  They also claimed a Tiebreaker pitcher about Hallmark cards revenue.  Come party again next week!

The Beaverton Munchers, Serena, Your Hot (yes, spelled like that) and Diabolical Darrell also played it out and had a great time!

“What is the Russian term for cheers?”  Naz-da-rovia

“In textspeak, what is ttfn?”

ta-ta for now,    Tory 

Mayhem in Wheat Ridge May 19, 2008

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That’s what it feels like from my point of view folks!  In a good way, of course!!  The request has come in for a second night of trivia at Old Chicago in Wheat Ridge and it is under discussion with management.  Stay posted for the latest.

Meanwhile, we had an overflowing room and record-breaking competition Wednesday night.  The Mad Cows made a return visit to avenge their loss by a hair and took the whole thing on the last question.  Nicely done guys!  After last time, when they missed the first four or so questions and lost by one, it seemed likely this could happen. 

Mad Cows

Typhoon Happy Hour and Pope ET II tied for place, only one point behind the Mad Cows and after the tiebreaker, the alien Pope team was victorious.    It was another close night all around!

Pope ET II

Team Name of the Night, hereafter referred to as TNON, went to Saved by the Bell still teaches me life lessons.  It was another executive decision of mine.  I’m still ok with it.

Saved by the Bell still teaches me life lessons  (I believe it)

Lots more teams and I have the pictures to prove it…  in no particular order…

The Clean up Hitters

Stop Daddy it Hurts

Team C plus two 😉

3 losers here on their day off and Al and Colan (later 2 losers, etc.)

Hoof Hearted

We can’t hear you (Yes, it is true, there is no Jen audio in the dining room, sorry about that!)

Lion Os

The bomb, that is us

Lust lasts two weeks, herpes is forever


Dadaist Komodo Dragon

Whew!  That’s just about everyone.   No hassles about the late blog this week, it’s my birthday week so I get one more excuse.  😉 

BTW, if you need to contact me, have questions about trivia, suggestions or anything else, you can email at JEN at JENNIFERH dot COM.  

See y’all Wednesday!!