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Oh What a Night! (at Charlies) April 30, 2008

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Awesome time at Tuesday Trivia!  Such nice weather and a huge crowd.

With a full seven teams playing it through, competition was tough.  Three different winners of round pitchers, and a fourth non-round winning team placing too!  Lots of Tiebreakers is always suspenseful.

Although defeated in the second round Tiebreaker, the Royals had great scores every round and won the 1st place prize.  Amazing persistence- great having you!

Congrats to Round 2 Winners Alleycat!  Eeking out a closer guess to the average January Cairo temperature (a measly 64 degrees), these guys got really drunk for no money and learned a few things!  Sounds like  good deal to me.  Always great times guys! 

Lisu took the first round, and squeezed into the 3rd place victory slot.  Props folks!

Solid as always, the JETS vaulted into 2nd place with a super third round score.  Way to go team!  The Mishaps, Something Different and Team Blah Blah all also got really drunk for the cost of a load of laundry…

I’m looking forward to a great month of weather, trivia, good company and insanely cheap beer at Charlies on Tuesday nights!

Cheers, Tory 

Sunshine and happiness in Wheat Ridge April 26, 2008

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Thanks to everyone for having your Red Bulls before coming to trivia at Old Chicago this week!  I’m sure it was the gorgeous weather that made you all come alive again, not your humble hostess Jen, but whatever it was I am grateful. 

Some good team names this week too!  You guys are finally learning or maybe you just really need free beer now since gas prices are so high.  Anyway, the competition will continue!

Congrats to Pimp my Pope for the audience-selected team name of the week!  Plus they won the overall prize despite a very strong showing from a one-man team. 


Illiterate Peasant usually has a bigger team, but with eleven points in round two and the win for that round, he was a force to be reckoned with all on his own.  Nicely done!  (He didn’t want his picture taken.)

The third round determined the overall prizes as usual, and we had two teams tied for the $15 second place prize: Soylent Green is Charlton Heston and Team Camel Toe.  The tiebreaker was close, but Camel Toe took the prize. 

Soylent Green

Camel Toe

Winning the first round has become a habit for Douglas Bruce Kicked me and all I got was this lousy team name but that’s the end of their dominance each week.  Again, I’m sure it’s all about getting that early beer. 

Two teams had absolutely no confidence in themselves but played anyway and that’s always appreciated.  So, thanks anyway to We’re going to lose and No Expectations.

We’re going to lose

No Expectations

It was good to see Team C back and Team X back!  I missed you guys!

Team X

Team C (with Lisa!!)

Again, thanks for the enthusiam this week!  Sorry again for the late post.  I still don’t have a ceiling but that’s only my problem.  See you guys on Wednesday!



Is there anybody out there?????? April 25, 2008

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What a slow yet entertaining night it proved to be. I guess it was because of the harvest moon or maybe the  ball game or maybe aliens got most of our competitors to stay in doors but gooooooooly it was a slow night. Only three teams were around and two of them were playing so I will make it short and sweet. Team Poi dog rocking round # 1 great job and Team Big Rings winning round # 2 excellent job fellas thanks for plying we will be back next week.

Two For Tuesday at The Glenn April 24, 2008

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Due to massive alien abduction, last weeks post for the world famous Glenn in Northglenn went missing, so consider this your double double animal style The Glenn post!

The day: April 16th
The place: The Glenn
The people: All Nuts!

To start things off reoccurring team The Gods of Wrong Answers actually showed up on time again, dashing the hopes of any team looking for a cake walk in the early rounds. Even worse, team Mad Dog, normally comprised of some of the most trivial minds in the Glenn history, was out with a terrible bout of loserness and down to only one player, hereforth known simply as The Dawg!

The God’s of Wrong Answers swept the competition in all three rounds, but winning bonus points for the prettiest team: The Hot Mammas. Best Name: Blumpkin. And of course teams 3 Sheets, Cat Box, and Syn Sisters get points for making an effort.

Fast forward 1 week. Again team God’s of Wrong Answers are on time, but ::cue the ominous music:: the main man G.O.D. himself is sick. Could this be the end of their run?

Round 1, the semi reunited Mad Dog takes it outright.

Round 2, God’s of Wrong Answers strike back with a fury.

Round 3, BAM! God’s of Wrong Answers seal their victory!

Brand new to the Glenn were teams Wallace and King Ding fresh from a softball game and competing at their table for a round from me. King Ding took round 1 at the table netting themselves 2 cool pitchers, with Wallace answering back in round 2, only to be out done in the 3rd by King Ding yet again.
Special mentions for team Mr. Big for lasting the whole game, and team Your Sister’s Prom Date for bailing out WAYYYYY too early.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: the original draft by George Lucas read: “A long, long time ago, in the not-too-distant future…” Luckily, someone pointed out to George that this made no sense.

Signing off, this is Preacher

Massive Manic Monday at JR’s April 24, 2008

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Hey there Sportsfans! Due to some technical problems last week’s JR’s blog didn’t post so this will be a massive double post – all the JR’s you can handle in half the page space! The competition at JR’s on the 15th was massive. After a previous loss by team Holy Family they gathered a crack team of Trivialists (sure it’s a word, why not) to try for the title against mainstays Sally’s Sluts and Widow Thompson’s Tarts.

The first round had a shocking conclusion with the conglomerated team SRBP squeaking by the competition to take it, but Holy Family‘s persistence paid off with a second round tie-breaker win against Sally’s Sluts. Round three was again snatched away by team SRBP for the game win, sending Holy Family into 2nd place and Widow Thompson’s Tarts into 3rd. Though other teams Lucky Bastards, Wrong Number, Awesome?, Robot Vagina Revival, and RC Cola made valiant efforts, none of them had the stamina to go all the way. I hate it when that happens!

On to the next week, Sally’s Sluts came back with a vengeance after missing their place last time making round 1 their proverbial bitch and smacking the competition upside the head with a 2×4 and smashing even The Divine Miss M.

In round 2 Sally’s Sluts only strengthened their lead, edging out team Obamanation for the win and a strong start to round 3 with a strong finish and the game winning sweep. Second place was Obamanation and 3rd was the Bionic Beavers with an equally strong 3rd round showing.

Team Widow Thompson’s Tarts were late, and of course blamed me, but those tardipants made a good showing and promised not to make me wait next week. Team Chocolate also got in late in the game but still managed to get some good points in and smile pretty for the camera. The Chicken Tenders, Somebody Gay, and the classic team Blow all made good attempts too, but it’s hard to stand up to the wrath of a once scorned Sally’s Sluts.

Star Wars Fact of the Day: Return of the Jedi was originally titled Revenge of the Jedi – but later underwent a title change, due to the fact that, according to Lucas, A Jedi would never take revenge.

Signing off, this is Preacher

Pouge Mahone’s Irish Pub April 24, 2008

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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your trivia engines!

Hi again, its Luigi, your trivia host with the most in Parker, Co where we are consistantly bringing in scores of players who want in on the excitement that is LIVE TRIVIA.

For three out of four weeks, one team has raised the bar when it comes to killing the weak brain cells, the team of Da Vic which last night came as Drunk 1 & 2 wow’ed the crowd with their competitiveness and knowledge. I know im starting to wonder if they are actually even human?! They won all three rounds and got the 25$ gift certificate so graciously provided by the bar.

In second place was a team that didnt even want to play initially. The Jammies brought their special brand of PJ’s to the bar and it showed. They really need to sew the flap in the back.

My favorite team name of the evening was, La Cosa Nostra. Im just glad that there wasnt any horses heads on the bar after the evening. They came in third place but only missing out on first by a few points.

Of course, the Guys Over Here, showed up and did well for the questions asked. I know that some of them were a little tough.

The last team that showed up to play was Red Curl. This twosome did try to win some beers, maybe next week Ill buy you two a couple.

Overall, it was another outstanding effort by all that played. Im really excited about the teams that show on a regular basis and to all the new teams, keep showing up and beer will be had by all at some point.

Shout Out to the Pope!

Charlies – When did we start caring about NRG management? April 23, 2008

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Great night Tuesday at trivia.  Although less mild than last week, the patio was still buzzing with patrons- good time all around.

The applause pauses- the drinks slowly slink- and the tension of a final game Tiebreaker, for 1st place, absorbs the air.  The JTS, the fighting duo-(ish) giving up their ‘E’, lose their crown to Alleycat, all over the year that the Department of Energy was founded.  Well, it took an oil crisis to push that forward, and summer of ’77 Gerald Ford finally approved creation of the U.S.D.E. 

Congrats to Alleycat for snagging the best bar tab, although it was clear that their extensive, earlier libations postponed the use of said bar tab.

Giving a run for these teams, the Lucky Bastards kept the game competitve and won 3rd Place.  Nice job guys, as well as Team Q and the Dumb Guys.

This next month is gonna be awesome with better weather!

Cheers for now.


Kobe Wears a Thong Uncrown Platypus April 21, 2008

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All good things come to an end they say. Team Platypus was three in a row at Ogden St. South until they met with a very motivated Team Kobe Wears A Thong edged out the long running team as champions last evening. Team Saw Saw proved to be a very well-rounded unit and won $30 at the bar for coming in 2nd. The duck-billed Marsupials took the bronze. Team Brou2 quietly came in 4th (not bad for a couple in their 50’s answering Tommy Tutone questions). Wash Street Sluts were no joke and I Hate Ben’s Socks took 4th and were unlucky not to win some cash for their efforts. Join us every Sunday at 7:15 for $2 Coors Lights and some mind expansion.

Downtown Old C’s Trivia with Brody!! April 21, 2008

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Hey Hey everyone so sorry for the late post crazy week!! Anyhow trivia Tuesday was great we had a few less teams than normal but the Monkees, the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers and Deadwood showed up in numbers as always.  We did have a very very close game which actually ended in a tiebreak although, upon further review I did miss one correct answer that may have changed the outcome.  My apologies on this I will try to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future!  This week should be great, no more bad weather so we should see a great showing, bring your friends!!!


Trivia zombies unite April 20, 2008

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Ok, first of all, I am SUPER late on my blog this week and I am sorry for that.  Had a bit of a water issue in the house.  Everything is ok now, so you can expect next week’s blog on time…

It was over 80 degrees on Tuesday and then, as usual, the weather turned on Wednesday and we had snow.  Despite the snow, everyone made it to trivia on time, but forgot to have their caffeine.  NO MORE TRIVIA ZOMBIE NIGHTS PLEASE!!  I was ready to come over and slap every one of you guys awake! 

The team names were better this week and thank you for that!  I guess it took ALL of your energy to come up with those, eh?  Anyway, congrats to Polygamist Knows Best for the win on the name of the night!   I like it.

Returning after an undetermined length, but definitely long, absence were the Mad Cows.  And they returned with a vengeance, even started four questions late, they tied the Banos Frijoles for the overall lead and the third round lead and then won the tiebreaker.  It really couldn’t have been any closer between those two teams!

Nice to see you guys again!  Hope to see you again soon!

Oh so close!  See you next week!

Seeing as how I am so late on this, I will cut things short this time but here are your other mugs ’cause I know you’ve been waiting so patiently for them!!

Warmonger, Elitist and Annie Oakey (very clever name you guys!)

I want a mustache ride – weird, but interesting! 

Carmello Jello Shooters (the theme of the week for team names was certainly poor Mello).  Unfortunately I don’t recall which other teams were named what.  Sorry guys, here are your pics anyway!

All should be back to normal next week folks!!  Until Wednesday…