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Gigidy Gigidy Good times @ Sloans March 28, 2008

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Whaz up Ya’ll? Did we rock or did we rock on Wednesday night. We had the biggest crowed yet and it just keeps getting bigger and better every week. Remember next week we are doing a charity bash for a lot of the local talent and local charities. Every CD sold will give 100% off the sale to the charity they support, so don’t forget to bring a little extra cash to help support our local bands and charities.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. Let’s start with the Team that did well but not well enough to walk with the loot. Team Nomads, You guy’s were kickin names and taking ass see ya next week. Team Steverely what happened so close, next time? Team VCR’s Ladies you girlz are to hot to win ;>) Team Old G and the Kick ass blasters uh ohhhh no whip that bush. Team Jerk store you guy’s gut out with a quickness. Team Royal with Cheese what can I say? Team Z your worst round play yet don’t worry I’ll hook you up next week lol. Team Knuckleheads coming down from NG you guy’s rocks see ya next week. Team Mutt Bro’s 1 point WHAAAAAA? And Team Donkey Kong watches out for those barrels thell get you every time. Hey if you didn’t win don’t sweat it there’s always next week so stick around. Now the moment you all have been waiting for the wieners for Wednesday night Team  Eels winning round # 1 that’s 10 doll hairs Team Quizzical my crew winning round # 2 that’s 15 frosty and Team Very Scary Cougars with round # 3 great job that’s a twiny twin twin for ya. Love peace and hair Greece I’m out.    

It’s all about the thirds March 27, 2008

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Just like the Avalanche started out a bit slow, and then improved throughout the game, so did newbie team Illegal Bean Dip.  By the third period, with a 3 goal lead, the Avs had it pretty much wrapped up and Illegal Bean Dip absolutely pounded the rest of the teams with 21 points in the 3rd round.  Nice work to both teams!!  Good game plan.  Now let’s take it to the playoffs!

Hope to see you guys back next week!

Once again the original Guys at the Bar team had too many players and had to split up producing Sambora’s Bail Bondsmen and Obama’s Crazy Preacher.  Splitting up the brains inevitably results in losing first place but the Sambora half did manage second this time. 

Only one point back in third place was Team X.  Another outstanding performance from the guys!! 

Back in the corner with way more than six people at their table, was team Get Some.  We discussed it before the game began and decided that there were less than six people at the table who would actually be useful in the game so they didn’t have to split up.  We were right.  😉  The game was distracting, that’s what it really was. 

It was a tough decision but once again, Gov. Spitzer brought out the best in team names, and Gov. Spitzer’s blue ball parade took the pitcher of beer.  That’s all they took this time, but that’s enough reason to show up each week!

Not at all least, the Bar Folks team this week did very well but they had way too many shots.  I think it was one for every goal scored or something. 

I’m sorry I somehow missed the Dung Ravens when I took pictures.  I keep telling you people not to go to the bathroom in between the first and second rounds but you just don’t listen.  Next time I’ll get ya. 

It’s a great time of year, Spring, Rockies season starting, Avs playoffs (hopefully!) and trivia continues on.  See you all next week!


Old C’s Downtown Tuesday Trivia with Brody! March 27, 2008

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Hey hey! Tuesday was probably the most fun I have had hosting trivia! We had 6 really close teams, in fact we had to use the tiebreaker to determine the winner this week! The staple teams were of course there, the Monkees and the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers were tied when the game finished! 99 Bananas, another frequent team was only one point behind!

We also had a bunch of new teams, Girls Night Out, a group of teachers who were on their spring break were a lot of fun! Fun Club and FUTC (who apparently don’t like Tom Cruise that much) were very competitive and had a wonderful time!  All in all I believe everyone had a blast so please bring it again next Tuesday and bring some friends!



Don’t Call It a Comeback! March 26, 2008

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We had a barn-burner at Charlie’s last evening with the Alleycats squeaking out an ever so close victory. If you would have told me at the end of Round 1 how the game would unfold I would have not of believed it. Vagtastic Voyage came out of the gates en fuego, and to the hosts perception, unstoppable. It might have been the battle of attrition or the .50 draws of High Life (yes you read that right) but the train de-railed in the third round and the once insurmountable lead was squandered. Picking up 2nd and gaining momentum all the time was Team JT.  Remember 1st round doesn’t mean jack! The Alleycats proved like Aesop’s tortoise that slow and steady win the race. Ron and Dan just missed the medal round, and although they didn’t finish the game, you got to love team names Biker Boyz and Harvey Milk Maids!

The Glenn – The Times, They are a Changin’ March 26, 2008

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We all found out that there is life after Benny this week, though I certainly had my work cut out for me.  Mad Dog let me know right off the bat that if I sucked, I would be pummeled.  Well, they didn’t actually say that, but they said it with their eyes.

So I did my very best despite the crappy reception on the TV.  I simply closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and hoped everything would be OK.  Sure enough, when I opened them again, I was alive, and trivia has survived!

 Now I know why this location has been so successful…beause it’s so cool!  Great atmosphere, incredible staff, and a patio in the back…nice spot.

Thanks, everyone, for making me feel welcome.  I hope you all had a great time.  The prizes were split between Team G.O.D., Mad Dog, and The Knickleheads, as well as a few shots and PBRs to make the night go smoothly.  Except for the knocked over equipment…repeatedly.  Shit happens.
Refusing to knuckle under – The Knuckleheads


Mad Dog
and their custom answer sheets

Team GOD – The rest of them are passed out on the floor.

Tardy Blog – Jackson’s March 26, 2008

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Yes, this blog is very late.  We’re on a couple of weeks hiatus for the NCAA tournament, so I suppose I have a little time to post the pics. 

 The awesomeness of What the **** Is In This Shot? took first place, leaving Merkin to shake their heads in agony.  All of the details are fuzzy to me now, which I am sure they are for you as well, so I’ll just post the pictures and let you photoshop them.

Merkin, in all of their glory.

9.5, aiming for the perfect 10.

Team Texas, showing why it’s the bast damn state around.

What the ****?  Maybe you should take fewer shots.

Pussy Go Getters – Get it!

Tuesday Trivia at Old C’s Downtown!!! March 21, 2008

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Hello everyone thank you all again for coming this Tuesday we saw some new faces and there were of course the Monkees and the Air Conditioned Gypsies!!! We had a very close however very tough game, it was the day after St. Patty’s so we of course needed an Irish question set!!! 

 JK and LuvBuzz added some great competition as 2 rounds came down to the tiebreaker! In fact we had a one man team Annapolis get 13 questions straight in the 3rd round, good job Reiner! (Not his first time:)  We hope to see you all again next week at 7 I’ll be there for sure! Tell all of your friends it’s a great way to break up the week!!

NCAA brackets and trivia, yep, we can do both March 20, 2008

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It was the last hours to fill out those NCAA brackets for the Old Chicago game and everyone made it just in time.  We planned it that way, of course, show up for trivia right at 8, get your bracket done and win some beer!  Even your humble hostess Jen, the ultimate novice in NCAA betting, joined in and I do plan on winning it all.  😉

After last week’s rowdy crowd, it seemed like a night at the opera last night rather than Wednesday trivia in Wheat Ridge, but with ten teams it was a solid night of competition.  Everyone was on their game and scores were good. 

Diamond Dave dominated the first round but then had to bail and kindly donated their pitcher of beer to the team that was second at the time, Alternate Ending.  Nice gesture, guys.  Hope to see you back for the whole game sometime!

Alternate Ending enjoyed their beer and were very grateful.

End of the second round, and we had a three-way tie between Fremen, Dow 5000 and the Clean Up Hitters.  Very close guesses (between the teams) on when those yummy peanut butter girl scout cookies first came about, but the Clean Up Hitters were the closest and I was very happy to see them win for the first time.  Well done guys!

That was the closest to glory that the Fremen got last night, but it was great to have them around as always.

The game was decided in the third round and despite not having half of their usual team with them, Dow 5000 got it together in the end and won by three points.  Hope to see the better half of the team back next week.  😉

It came down to a tie for second place overall between vets Team X and the Knights who play Wii.  Tiebreaker went to Team X!  Wooohoooo!  Team X has been with me since the beginning of trivia at Old C’s WR and it was great to see it pay off finally!  Of course, it is always fun just to be there because I am such an amazing hostess. 

Almost back into the winnings, but just one tiebreaker out, the Knights who play Wii are ready for a comeback next week.  I can feel it.

Last weeks winners, newly named Vagtastic Voyage, lost one team member and lost it completely this week.  Well, they didn’t win anything this time anyway.  Next week is a new game.  See you then!

Back in the corner, the Desheaths played the whole game but were much more into their brackets I guess.  Still, glad to have you in the game.  Next week, no brackets to deal with.

Team C (for Chris) had some help here and there, and had a solid score, but was definitely more into the brackets than the trivia this time.  He’s the one who talked me into doing my own bracket but still let me make stupid selections.  That’s Chris on the left and Tom on the right.  Madness is on.

We will be back next week.  No rest for the weary at Old Chicago trivia.  No breaks for March Madness or anything else for that matter.  It’s all good.   Best of luck to everyone with their brackets!!

See yas next week!


Edgewater Eels Prove Too Slippery for Competition March 20, 2008

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The Edgewater Eels, a team of third and fourth generation Edgewaterians poured on the brain power in the tail end of last nights game at Sloan’s Bar and Grill. The bar was well attended with trivia devotees and the teams were evenly matched in a tight match on the last day of winter. 12 Arm Monkey came in 2nd, winning some drinks for their effort and also flexing their Metroid knowledge. Rhonda & Eric,  trivia debuatantes came in third, while Team Z, Old Greg, Ladies Rule, and We Win rounded out the rest of the competitors. For those of you that have never made it down to Sloan’s, it’s a great neighborhood bar tucked away in Edgewater. Wednesday night Newcastle pints for only $3 and a great staff make for a chill night out, Come check it!

Trivia at Jakes March 19 March 20, 2008

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As always Jakes produced a large crowd to play trivia. In total we had 13 teams with over 100 people playing. Taking all three rounds was Team Vagie Bomb comprised of the bar staff which scored in at 37 points to steal the game. Many thanks for all the shots you guys bought me. Coming in Second place was team Deere Limited with 36 points, and finishing in third was team Tyler SuX ending up with 34 points. Drink specials as always were darn good with three dollar you call its and two dollar draft domestic beers. Many thanks again to the Budweiser staff for hooking us all up with cool prizes. Mark your calendars Buzzwordz will be at Jakes every Wednesday starting at 8:00 p.m. So for all of return teams and the new faces hope to see you again for another excuse to kill the weaker brain calls.