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Buzz Bee: The battle of the office parties February 29, 2008

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With Vince in one corner, Fred in the other, and Vanessa in the middle, the Buzz Bee battle went on (and on, and on) last night!  We started a bit earlier in the evening (7:30) and despite most people just wanting to eat their dinner and be entertained, we found ten brave folks who took on the Spelling challenge.   

Fred had the largest, and loudest cheering section for the first half of the evening, as his office party fully stopped their cell phone ‘show and tell’ each time he was up to spell.  With something like 20 guys, that can get loud!  But then Vince made it to the finals and his office party stepped it up, literally from the opposite side of the room.   Not to leave out Vanessa’s fans – they were very eager to help her out by asking for sentences and definitions even though she didn’t seem to need them.

Vanessa, Vince and Fred, in that order. 

After two solid rounds of double-elimination torture, we got down to our final five players: Dan, Jordan, Vanessa, Fred and Vince.

Despite starting a bit late, and swearing the he would be the winner of the Bee that night, Jordan didn’t make it to the final three.  Next time!  Dan, the dodgeball fanatic, also didn’t quite make the cut, but I’m sure it was that he had a tough word.  

Once we were down to three, my intrepid co-host Matt and I decided to go to the 4th grade words (the tough ones) and that made for quite a final round.  After 30 words, we managed to get one of our crazy contestants to spell two of them correctly in a row.  That lucky dog was Vince, the flamenco guitar player.  He asked to take his picture with me, and I was in a good mood so I obliged.

So there you have it!  Another successful night of the Buzz Bee at Blake Street Tavern.  Thanks also to Rhonda, Doug, Adam, Matt and Travis for playing!  Get out your dictionaries and study for the next one.

See you then!


Jackson’s – We Rocked, We Sucked, We Rocked! February 29, 2008

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That’s pretty much how the three rounds sequenced.  Team Yard Sale came in with a near-perfect round one, and it looked like we were going to set some records.  But then, round 2 came along and had everyone in the house shaking their heads in frustration.  Mama Cass, Mama Cass, Mama Cass.

Oh well.  Like we always say, it’s “a free education with beer!”  Nice showing by our teams last night, including an unscheduled Buzzwordz Host corporate meeting, with almost half of our hosts showing up to have a great time on a Thursday evening!

One-eyed Wonder did a fantastic job of fighting it out until the end, all by himself.  Tim Duncan is a Terrorist disappeared for most of the third round, claiming he had a phone call from an actual woman.  Yeah, right. 

One-Eyed Wonder….literally!
One-eyed Wonder – Literally!

Team Useless Knowledge came in late in round 2, but showed their trivia skillz and a runner on almost every question!  Just a tip for you next time: have the cute girl run up the answers…you get more leniency that way! (I know, I’m a cave man).
Useless Knowledge - If I scored points on energy and enthusiasm, you’re looking at our grand champions!
Useless Knowledge – If I scored points on energy and enthusiasm, you’re looking at our grand champions!

Pussy-Go-Getters-Minus-One took second place for the evening with their new teammates.  Persistence has its rewards!

Go-Getters, getting it
Go-Getters, getting it

Pretty Princes of Parties finally gave me some insight into their team name, but I think I will still call them the Princesses.  I’m a stubborn old man set in my ways, dammit! 
Pretty Princes - I am pretty, oh so pretty
Pretty Princes – I am pretty, oh so pretty

Merkins were back, and it’s always great to see them.  They barnstormed in for a victory in rounds two & three!  If you were there just a few minutes earlier, the title woud have been yours! 
Merkin - I was going to send out a search party for them until last night
Merkin – I was going to send out a search party for them until last night

Yard Sale did fight it out for the final victory, and they showed that they can rock a house not named Ginn Mill!
Yard Sale - Priced as Marked
Yard Sale – Priced as Marked

Great time, and a great crowd!  Jackson’s is always halfway between a very serious trivia competition and a goof-off party.  I love it.  Look forward to seeing you all next week!

Reason #85 of why my modeling career has never taken off.
Reason #85 of why my modeling career has never taken off.  Look at that fresh haircut!

WOW! What a turn out February 29, 2008

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I’m back after a brief hiatus and it’s good to see all the old faces. I guess last week was kind of a yawn in my absence i got lots of grief for not being there but folks not everyone is going to be as entertaining as I but they try so give em a break huh, LOL. 10 teams Wednesday night and all y’all stayed and played. Lets start out with the not so winning teams. Team Jerk store  what happened you started out strong then bam no dice, next week guy’s. Team Nookie you were this close —– but no cigar. Team Discovery channel you better start watching more TV lol. Team (M)man you started out strong but your finish not so much, next week I’ll through you a bone. Team Z winner of round # 1 great job, TEam V&c winning round # 2 with a tie breaker hell of a good game Galls and of-course team the rest of you guy’s suck  winning  round # 3 great job.  and my boy’s Olg G and the blasters way to keep it fun fellas. to all the teams that played Wednesday night great job keep coming back I will see ya next week.

Madness, and it isn’t even March yet February 28, 2008

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Tonight was the Old Chicago St. Patrick’s celebration kickoff party and a party it was!  Fifteen teams played at some point and eleven made it all the way through.  It was overwhelming – in a good way!  The Av’s won the shootout.  The Irish-themed trivia was tough, but fun.  Patrick Duffy is not the star of Grey’s Anatomy.  Overall, it was an insanely good evening.

Superbad came back this week with a serious vengenance – no one was even close to them once we reached the final question of the night!  They groaned about the Irish theme like the rest of you did, but I don’t think they will complain again.  Notice that they doubled their handicapped section from last week.  Obviously, that didn’t hurt their trivia skills.  Let’s not break anything else this week, okay?

Team Newman started out slow but had a great second round.  They managed to be the only real threat to Superbad and tied that round.  Winning the tiebreaker by a good margin (no there is not a pub for every 14 people in Ireland, Superbad) gave them a pitcher of beer to down while they finished the game, in second place.  Nicely done with the tough trivia tonight!

I did throw out the challenge to come up with better team names to everyone, but some of the vets like keeping their old ones.  Or maybe they just aren’t very creative.  Either way, my two favorite team names of tonight included the Irish theme: Bite My Lucky Charm and Irish I had a Beer

Bite My Lucky Charm and Does my wart bother you? came as one huge group tonight and had to split into separate teams.  This proved to be an issue for them as neither managed to place or win any beer.  At least not from trivia.  Old C’s had Mike, the leprechaun, with his bucket of gold (reach in and pick out a gold piece that may give you a prize) so maybe they got something there?  I hope so.  This half here is Bite

And, here is Wart

Thanks for bringing the party each week to trivia night!  See you next time!

The other most clever team name, Irish I had a beer, belonged to the former Team X.  With a vastly expanded team this week, their score was quite competitive on any regular night! (Tonight was no regular night.)

Great name, guys!  Buzzwordz Trivia Names Hall of Fame will be blessed with your presence.

While they had a bit of trouble with the themed trivia tonight, I almost was glad because Squid brain in a jar gives the best ridiculous answers when they haven’t got a good guess.  From now on I will be saving those to mention here on the blog!  I’ve been selfishly keeping them to myself until now.

We had a surprise visit from 2/3 of Megateam this week!  They were one of our first teams way back when trivia first started at Old C WR.  After one key player left for Cali, they hadn’t been back.  Good showing this time – hope to see you guys again!

The always entertaining Clean Up Hitters made it back this week plus one player.  Unfortunately, that didn’t really help their overall score, but entertainment is valuable and I am glad they have become regulars.  Best of luck to Marco who is off to play baseball for St. Louis! 

Relatively newbies, Team O sat in the back and sort of gave up (I don’t really blame them considering how much Superbad dominated but anyway) toward the end.  But, that’s ok, Irish trivia will be gone next week.  Normal trivia will return.  Everything will be ok.  See you then!

Babaganoosh hung on to the end despite the difficult competition and I applaud you for that!  The party atmosphere was good even though the trivia was hard.  Look forward to seeing you again next week.

Last, and only least because they only made it for the third round, The Goods came in with an excellent round, but no one could catch the leaders tonight.   Change your schedules, whatever it takes.  Trivia starts at 8! 

Crazy night!  I loved it.  Thanks to all of you for making Wednesday nights absolutely rock!  Next week we are back to “normal” trivia, I promise.  No more vacations or snow storms either so I will see you then!


Old Chicago Downtown Denver Trivia with Brody!!! February 28, 2008

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Hey hey first of all thank you to everyone who showed up this week we had a blast!! It was by far the closest game I’ve seen with only 2 points difference between all 5 teams, it looks like those Monkees are getting some tough competition from the returning River Rats, 99 Bananas and the Little Lebowski Urban Acheivers! We will start having pictures up so everyone can see how much fun everyone is having!

Also this week we had some special guests, as the Make a Wish Foundation had and event and brought 15 teams to compete for their own prizes and it turned out great! So thank you to them for making the night even better!  Remember to check us out at www.buzzwordz.net we will have some new prizes and competitions coming up in the very near future! 

Thanks again I hope to see you all again next week!! Cheers:)

I’m baaaaaaaaaack! February 27, 2008

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The Kiddos

HHHMMMMMM! Yes after a brief stint in lead-ville I’m back. What a great turn out last night. We had some old and lots of new players. I hear it was a big no show the week before last due to my not being there booooo! just because I’m not around doesn’t mean that the money isn’t. We had 8 teams to start last night with some serious competition. Team Copernicus you guy’s and Gals rock even-though you won jack I give you the unique answer award keep coming back. team 4 amigos you rocked round # 1 with some awesome answers even-though you didn’t win you are all still winners in my eye’s lol. team. Mad Dog You know I got love for the pups great job winning round 1 spend it well. Team GOD round 2 and 3 that’s good lovin. Team Mad Mommas Don’t be so cruel. To all the teams that stuck it out last night love peace and hair grease I’m out.

Charlie’s Record Breaker! February 27, 2008

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My first Record Breaker at Charlies during my career-

The deadly team JT has recruited and fortified its first place winning streak to 3.  With an unassisted victory, they shattered their previous record of 35 with 40, countem bucko, points (out of 55).  Congratulations guys!  I challenge others to beat these guys down, with weapons or stealth or whatever necessary.

Props to Alleycat, who nailed the Walter Kronkite CBS anchor start year (1962) to win extra drinks during Round 3.  They managed a 2nd place finish and plenty of free drinks!

The Dirrtys paired with the remaining member of Shipwreck to pull 3rd place.  Also a strong debut by the Girls.  Nice job folks!

Yes, Poland and Lithuania were united for over 2 centuries, and “flies” (coffee beans) sound gross to me too with Sambuca.

Fun times, cheap drinks and fatty patio party Tuesdays at Charlies!


JR’s – WTF are we doing? February 25, 2008

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Hey gang, it was another great night down at everyone’s favorite neighborhood bar.  There’s nothing a true player hates more the than a drunk loudmouth stumbling in, reading a question and proceeding to SHOUT OUT the f***ing answer!!!!  The J.R.’s crew knew how to handle Mr. Loudmouth… continual ridicule, embarrassment and degradation until they shut their big YAPPER!!  Nice work crew!

Here’s tonight’s final results: Robot Vagina swept through and landed 3rd.  I’ve never had a team SOO obsessed with how they stood up to the competition the whole game.  We love you still!  McLovin, returning for a 2nd week, scored 2nd overall.  They couldn’t have been happier with their $50 bar tab!  The Gutter Snipes (eww!) apparently surfaced long enough to WIN tonight!! Big surprise… Mustang Sally was involved in the win….

See ya next week!



Tuesday Trivia at Old Chicago! February 25, 2008

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Hey guys we had another great week at Old Chicago with 7 teams some old some new so keep showing up and bring your friends! Our scores were as follows, we had a tie for the game between Sofa Kings and Deez Nutz and the SK’s won the tiebreaker and the game this week. 

Thanks again for playing we will see you again next week!!!


Odgen Street, More Dogs, same folks… February 24, 2008

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Old people, new place, and our dominators in Mexico lead to shots and bar tabs into different hands tonight.  Thanks as always going out to Cameron behind the bar, and Liesel and Angela for keeping the food and drinks flowing.  I promise, this will be the last night with questions about Wesminster.  And just so we’re all clear: Roger and Me was a Michael Moore movie, but Roger and Me 2, or Roger and me do Dallas are not.  And, the 5th show in the Stargate series is not Stargate: Special Victims Unit.

But, on to the scores: great job to Catfish Larry (who got 1 point on the final question of round one to finish with… 1 point!!!),  and the Good Tryers ( who got to drunk to finish mid way through round 2). 

The Us Un’s showed up late and made a good showing (even with their mildly British selves), the Short Bus proved that you can outlive that nickname if you really try (unfortunately, they didn’t try to hard), Dog in a Bathtubdisappointed by not getting the dog question right, and the surprise of the night, perennial all-stars the Denver Danglers finished out of the shots and 1 point shy of third. 

Anyway, some god scores posted by the semi-regular teams. Third went to the Gunkholes(who still finished shotless), second went to Oscar and the Grouches (who won round #2 with shots to prove it), and first went to For English Press 2 Now (while winning shots in the first and third rounds).

Another great night with over 30 players…. We’ll see you at 7:15is to start the week off right at Odgen Street.