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Regulars rule in Wheat Ridge November 30, 2007

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At this very moment I’m being scolded for not writing my blog for the week, even though I faithfully have done this every time.  (Jen sticks tongue out at Tobin)  So, here we go…

Every week you guys keep me hanging right until 8:00 wondering if you will make it, but you rarely let me down and this Wednesday was no exception!  Only problem with all of you smarties is that when I get new people to play they are easily intimidated.  I’d ask you guys to tone down the brain cells a bit, but I don’t really want you to.   It’s more fun with smarties playing.  

We had a really good game this week with everyone scoring within about 10 points of each other – Mmmm Beer was back and with a full team expected to take the Guys@ the bar.  Despite a solid start – winning the first two rounds (ok both by tiebreakers but who cares) – Mmmm Beer couldn’t hang on in round three and the Guys won.  

Baked Mac and Cheese, Team X, Team C and our only new team this week, Green Machine all made the competition better and remember beers come free when you are nice to me so show up next week!!

See ya at Old Chicago in Wheat Ridge 8pm every Wednesday!


Jackson’s – Holy Crap! November 29, 2007

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As in, Holy Crap there are a ton of people playing!  Ummmm…..no less than 28 teams tonight.  Some might say they were there for the Cowboys/Packers game tonight, but I would call them a LIAR! 

I managed to work around the game with only pissing off one group out of a packed house.  I felt a little badly about angering even a single table, so here were the stages of guilt I felt:

1. “Oh, I’m sorry.”
2. “You’re wearing a Packers jersey.  I am not sorry.”
3. “Wait, you’re kind of cute.  I am sorry.”
4. “You’re drinking white zinfandel.  I AM NOT SORRY.”

But everyone else had a great time in a competitive game. 

Team Rob and DS tied for round one, with Rob taking the tie-breaker. 

It then got a little nutty with a four-way tie for the second round.  Pantalones, Goldfish Don’t Bounce (awesome name), 2Hot 4Handle, and Oopsie Poopsie, I Touched My Butthole duked it out for the tie, and Oopsie, Poopsie took the booze.  And apparantly, working at Outback does not make one a steak expert, it makes you a Bloomin’ Onion expert.
Ahhhhhh, health food.

Round three was won by 2Hot 4Handle, but I think they took off without their free beer!  bummer.

The game came down to a tie-breaker between The Larks and Team Rob, which was a close one, but The Larks were just slighlty more Cameron Diazish, taking home the gift certificate, and the admiration of all.  Oh, and the Cowboys won…WOOOHOOO!

We’ll see you all next week!

Breck — Closest Game Ever… November 29, 2007

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So, yes I failed to post last week and send all my loyal blogites and apology.  I also participated in one of out competitors evenings and simply must ask the question: Would you rather win a pitcher of domestic swill or a pitcher of some quality crafted micro-brew from Breckenridge?         That being said, only a couple of answers get in the blog this week: Sweet Caroline was not written for Carol Brady, and while Charlotte’s Web was one of the correct answers, it’s sister book Charlotte Does Dallas alas was not.

Thanks to the Dos Amigos who answered 1 question, but sat around for 2 rounds, and Team Poindexter who arrived mid way through round three and still beat the Dos Amigos.

But, last night was really one for the ages. Round 1 was a one point win for Don’t Shout out the Answers, Jackass! and appeared to be the beginning of another runaway win. However, a bold prediction made by the Dikfors that “this is our night” nearly came true. The engineering blokes took both round 2 and 3 in tie breakers earning them some well fought for beer. But it wasn’t enough, as Pursuit Teamrecorded their first victory, by a meer one pointover both Don’t Shout and Dikfors.

That was a great game for everyone involved.  Thanks to Sara #3 for keeping us in the brew all night long.  We’ll see you all next week!

The Horseshoe Lounge 11/27/2007 November 29, 2007

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What’s this? I’m actually posting the blog? That’s right, after a series of broken promises (which much to the dismay of my girlfriend, friends and family will probably continue) I am finally doing a blog. I’m going to start doing it every week in a timely manor too… I promise.

Anyway, this one team, The Swashbuckling Sisters, keeps coming back and winning each week. Tuesday night was no exception and they won by a huge margin. I like them because they don’t seem to hate me that much. Although I don’t think anyone in the bar ever gets my hilarious jokes or is amused by tales of my misadventures. Nevertheless, I am still pretty awesome.

Another guy I want to mention is Steve. He introduced himself to me on my second night and has been there every night since with a different crew of teammates. Last night him and his Mess Hall took glorious third place and walked away with a pair of much coveted PBR socks and other PBR items.

Middle but not least on Tuesday was a team whose name I can’t remember. I get about four hours of sleep per night, this has been going on for a year now and consequently I am always angry, argumentative, apathetic, and aggravated, not to mention unpleasant, unshowered, unshaven, unbuttoned, unglued and undone (I think I know what it feels like to be Britney Spears, minus the cesarean scar). Plus also forgetful. But still enjoy alliteration, which I think was an answer to a trivia question on Tuesday. Anyway, many apologies for forgetting you guys. My score sheet is usually my guide to the blog but I forgot where I put it. I know it’s no excuse but hopefully writing a whole paragraph about you guys makes up for it. If I find the answer sheet I’ll try and retroactively mention you in a future blog.

Next week’s blog will be better. I promise?

EDIT: Well I found my score sheet and the 2nd Place team was The Fugi Brothers. Rather than be sly about it and edit the blog to make it appear as though I have my shit together I think I’ll leave my memory lapse up there for all to see. Congrats to the Fugi Brothers for taking second place.

Scruffy Murphy’s – You Stay Out of My Mom! November 29, 2007

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While most of our teams were back from holiday hangovers, we still had some of our heavy hitters missing.  But what does that do?  It leaves room for new heavy hitters!

It was a fun night of trivia, and just about everyone won something at some point (or got free booze to douse their sorrows.  Hey! That’s just as good as winning!)

Turd Ferguson gave up in the third round, after trying to corral their dogs all night.  Two people, two dogs, one Snug?  Back Up in That Ass With the Resurrection fought hard all by his lonesome, but in the end, you really do need to watch ESPN once a month just to keep up!  And yes, we are going to have more current event questions in the future, so it’s always good to check up here and here pretty often to stay up on the latest.  The only problem with regular checks on these is that you have to endure the occasional frightening photo like this:

 What? Why would you think I ate your children?


Strawberry Shortcake and My Girlfriend Tagged Me Out at Shortstop were just one point, ONE POINT, out of the running for the gift certificates in a very tight game. 

Swiss Wolf was like the little train that could, plugging away to get the third place nod.

Then we had the name of the night, and the troublemakers of the night, Fist is Also a Verb.  While my mother is a very talented woman, and yes, she is lovely as well, she has relatively little to do with the Big 10/ACC Challenge.  Or does she?  Nice job on second place.  Mom would be proud.

But the night belonged to the Psychodelic Elvis’? Elvis’s? Elvi? They at least tied for every round, so they had significant brain lubricant to take a roaring lead in round 3, where I wasn’t sure if they were going to miss a question for a while!

Another good showing, bu i have a feeling that it is going to get uber-competitive once our absent veterans find out that the Bucket of Brilliance has been taken over by newbies.

Thanks again everyone for coming out, and we’ll see you all next week!  I gotta go.  My Mom is yelling at me to do something productive. 

Old Chicago – 11/27 November 28, 2007

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Well…we’ve all read this before…and I’ve typed this before…but the trivia night at Old C’s downtown came down to the Monkees and the 99 bananas…again. Stop me if you don’t want to hear the rest…

…ok, I guess I’ll tell you anyways. 99 bananas swept the rounds and won the whole shebang too. The Monkees were right there in round 1 (lost by 1) and round 2 (went to a tie-breaker) but couldn’t keep pace in the final round.

Nice to see some new faces there the past few weeks!! Keep it up! See y’all next week!

The Glen – One wonderful evening November 28, 2007

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Whaz up kiddo’s long time no talky talky. Oh what a night, 1st off thanks for staying and playing secondly as you all know we had technical difficulties last night with the sound system resulting in me having to yell the ? and answers to y’all leaving me with a very sore throat but we still rocked the house regardless, cough cough. Teams GOD and team Bangles excellent job taking the cake, to all the other teams keep Rockin’ and Rollin’ and we will see-ya next week.

Charlie’s – AHHH!!! November 28, 2007

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How can a host arrive at a gig 10 minutes early and go on a half hour late, you ask?  WELL!! Let me tell ya, it can be done!  After AV and technical drama, the show DID go on.  I have to say, it was well worth the wait!

Trivia is always a great time at Charlie’s.  A huge thanks to all my teams who continue to make this a success.  Here’s the breakdown: Alleycat snagged 3rd, Team Tea BagKing Prawns rolled into 2nd and the almighty sailed into1st!

See you all next week for another fantastic night!



JR’s – That’s Mrs. Kennedy to you! November 27, 2007

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Well, well, well…. JR’s continues to amaze me in SOO many ways.  Where else in town can you go out on a Monday night and be surrounded by such gorgeous, well-versed and SCANDALOUS people?!  It takes a special place to make Monday night a success… To you JRs, CHEERS!

Down to the standings….. The night wrapped up with Las Bolsas in 3rd, King Prawns in 2nd and the Ladies in Waiting taking the cake!

Don’t miss all the drama next Monday at 9!!



Ginn Mill -KP Who? November 26, 2007

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Our second week at the Ginn Mill was another GREAT SUCCESS!!! Bob and Andrea (if you don’t know them by name, you will soon) have made this night so much fun!  The biggest of thanks to you both.

Also this week, for the first time(…. EVER!!!) the King Prawns did not make an appearance at one on my shows.  I have to admit, I always knew this day would come but it is still a shocker…  I know you will be back in force next week to dominate the competition!

It was a fight til the end on this run.  We finished with Dumber than a Bag of Hammers in 3rd, Astronaut Love Triangle in 2nd and Doom Theatre landing the second-ever slot on the Buzzwordz Bucket of Brilliance!!!

See you all again next week for another round!!