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F&H, The Only Way to Start the Week July 30, 2007

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Hammering Hank, a local who comes to watch his girlfriend do her thing behind the bar, recruited a few regulars around him and was able to assemble “Hot 4 Teacher” which turned out to be a team of winners. The guys consistently got better as the night went along. It might have been the beer talking, but they got err dun. “No Clue” obviously knew a lot and won the third round, but finished a close second overall. Previous winners “Drangonflies” and “Immigrants” joined forces and minds for the evening. Foes become friends for a third place finish. Come out next week b/c all the hot waitresses will be dressed for a naughty, back to school party. I can’t wait and I know many of you will hope you have to serve some sort of detention with one of these lovely ladies. Just think of Catholic school girls. See you on Sunday! Tell your friends and family.


Old Chicago – 7/31 CANCELED July 30, 2007

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Sorry folks, but we won’t be triviaing it up at Old C’s tomorrow night!  I promise we’ll be back on Tuesday, August 7th with stacks of stuff to give away! 🙂

Brix – Anti-bistro, pro-trivia July 30, 2007

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Greetings and salutations!  Another spectacular evening at the ‘ol Anti-bistro.  A lot of smart cookies in the house last night.  Another HUGE thanks to my good friends, the King Prawns, making an appearance at all three of my gigs this week! (I think I feel a little tear forming…) = )

What’s in a Name?, an awesome family coming in just for trivia (woo hoo!) took top honors and Team BARE (not to be confused with BEAR) rallied it up at the end and grabbed the second spot.  Awesome job to all our teams; tons of great answers and scores!

Hasta luego-


Buffalo Wild Wings 7/25/2007 July 30, 2007

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Sorry for the late posting on this one, guys, I lost my score sheet which is like my guide for the recap. My dog ate it, I’ve been following him around for five days. As luck would have it, my efforts were fruitful at about 6am this morning so here we go…

Another busy one at the BWW. I Can’t Believe Harry Potter Died stole the show and upset many children in the process. I wish I could say it was even close but no team could rival I Can’t Believe Harry Potter Died who won every round and the game. Team Ribs and Team Extreme came in second and third and the rest of the pack was close behind them. The SP’s, a team of very young men gave it the old college (high school?) try and took 4th place. Old friends Captain Obvious came in 5th.

Jackson’s – ARRRGGGHHHH! July 27, 2007

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My apologies to our regulars for the cancellation last night.  We had a couple of issues that made the show impossible, but we will be back on track next week.  I promise!

Charlie’s – Everybody wins! July 27, 2007

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Hey guys!

Another great night at Charlie’s.  Three teams and three winners!  Homos took 3rd, coming in late but with all the attitude… JT and King Prawns neck-in-neck for the whole game with XXX finally taking the top spot!

 Come on out next week and give these guys some competition!  See you Tuesday!

Old Chicago – Let the good times roll! July 26, 2007

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Outstanding crowd on Tuesday night! Thanks guys for making my job a fun one!

The whole night came down to a tie-breaker in the third round involving 3 teams…in one corner, Bangers and Mash looking to steal the night and the round win after showing up late…in another corner, returners 99 Bananas trying to take the victory …and in the other corner, Thor was looking for a round and over-all win.

99 Bananas ended up taking down the crown for the night while Thor edged out Bangers and Mash for the 3rd round win…but no one walked away empty handed! Like I said, it was a great night and can’t wait to see y’all next Tuesday!

JR’s – Oh those damn straights! July 26, 2007

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WOW!!! What a night it was!!!! HUGE THANKS to the King Prawns for bringing in a ton of new players!!!!!  Love you guys!  It was a full house last night at Juniors with plenty of sexy boys and girls of both persuasions throwing down on some darn good trivia.

Katie and Michael, I mean I Heart Wal-mart, I mean Fuck ‘Em Up just edged out Team Jack E. Oh to take 3rd, King Prawns, maybe with a little help from the Super Team, taking 2nd, and Lindsey Lohan Killed my Dog, the spin-off of Michael Vick Killed my Dog, took 1st place!  A new team to knock off the top?  See you next Weds!

Scruffy Murphy’s – Is That the Best We Can Do? July 26, 2007

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A full house?  A great crowd?  A fun night for everyone within a two mile radius?  That’s the best we can do???

Well, I guess we’ll have to settle for the most fun night of the week for me, and most people in attendance. 

It was another monster night at Scruffy’s.  While I sweated out my dash to Radio Shack for a power plug, everyone waited in anticipation for the best competition of trivia since I started this company.  This is what we’re all about: You have fun, I have fun.

Eleven teams packed the joint, but there were four battling it out for three prizes.  The Schlepping Hoses pullled a monster score, but were relegated to fourth in the always exciting tie-breaker.  Back Dat Ass Up With the Resurrection came in third, with a great trivia shove at the end. 

But it all came down to a tie-breaker between defending champion Cookie Monster and returning juggernaught Tube Sock for a one question free-for-all.  And without further ado…

have I ever told you about my fear of termites?  There’s something about an animal that can eat wood and is small enough to bury itself in my eardrum that creeps me out.  I mean, c’mon…can’t we find…

oh crap!  The trivia game!  The Cookie Monsters were closest on their tie-breaker, making a two week winning streak!   We’ll talk more about termites next week.  Seriously…that’s a creepy animal

The Cordial Lounge July 25, 2007

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This is a rapidly growing event, we more than doubled last weeks turnout. Numerically it was not a high number but from a business standpoint it can’t be ignored. Hopefully the trend will continue. The first round ended in a three way tie between Team Dum & Dummer, The Snickers and RJ. RJ ended up taking the tie-breaker to win and was rewarded with Tequila. In the second round the Big Booty Hoes came on strong and easily beat their next closest competitor by three points. In the third round Big Booty Hoes continued their reign and blew away the competition. In the end it was Big Booty Hoes, Snickers and Dum & Dummer.