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Buffalo Wild Wings – Another busy night June 30, 2007

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The night started off with a field of 13 teams. Round One was a narrow victory for We’re Better Than The Rockies, edging out Element and Team America by one point each. Round Two was another close one, The Stupids came out of nowhere and made ten points to take the round but they weren’t far ahead of The Dummies or We’re Better Than The Rockies. The Third Round is where We’re Better Than The Rockies really broke out and steamrolled to victory winning the round and the game. Team Sphincter and Captain Obvious, who’d both been quiet but steady all game, took second and third respectively.


Jackson’s – Individual Players Can Win! June 30, 2007

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A rarity in the world of Buzzwordz: an individual tied for first place!  Steve, in all of his motorized wheelchair glory, turned in an amazing performance to get into a tie-breaker battle with regular powerhouse Merkin.  He ultimately lost the tie-breaker, but deserves a major kudos for battling it out until the end.  I don’t know if the BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! was an indicator of his chair backing up or a celebration of his greatness!

Pho King Nutz pulled up within striking distance in the second round, but I think the brightness of their red shirts burned some holes in their brain cells for the third. 

I promise, no more Charmed questions next week.  But in the meantime, I’ll show you why I still like the show.

My Future Ex-wives

My future Ex-wives.

Scruffy’s – Dynasty No More June 30, 2007

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Of course this is how it happens.  Last week I asked if Moist Crevasse was ready to create a dynasty, then they promptly get trounced.  Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing (AKA Middle Name) took first place, even without all of their teammates.  The duo was able to fend off MC, as well as other formidable challenegers Boisy, We Love Porn, Team #1, and PC Load Letter in a great night of booze-swilling action.

 I think the multiple shots that I took may have had some sort of effect on me (you think?), but I appreciate them anyway.  Scruffy’s new expansion may be open by next week, so drop on by for some booze, trivia, and fireworks for the holiday!

Cap City – Flip Wilsons Gas Opponents June 29, 2007

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The Flip Dubs hit the ground running and never looked back Thursday night at Cap City. Team’s Mandy’s Screwing Me and the Naughty Nurses both fared well in their Cap City debut, but the combined age of 235 years proved too much wisdom for the upstarts. Come by next Thursday for $8 pitcher of Bud and Bud Lite!-MC Matt

Downtown Tavern – Weeeee’re Baaaaack June 27, 2007

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After a one week hiatus, we were back in full force.  And what a night it was!  Two separate teams set all-time records for game totals!  Ouch!  I guess I am going too easy on you guys.

In game one, The Dead Horse could not be beaten as they cruised past the a team of what I believe was around 50 Texas school teachers, known as the Hutto Hippos, to take the $60 first place in gift certificates. 

In game two, I predicted that we could have a perfect score, and sure enough, we did!  Our very first ever perfect score was notched by The Penis Mightier, who struggled a little bit with the last question, the dark purple properties on the Monopoly board.  But they worked it out, drawing cheers and applause from the entire audience.  Congratulations!

A great split of winners last night, and we’ll see if we can match the general awesomeness of the teams next week!

Everyone’s a Winner @ the Glenn June 27, 2007

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Big props to all the team’s that stayed and played last night,  Team G,O,D coming out on top with a grand total of 20pts winning two rounds cash value $25.00 bucks good job and team Paper-cut winning round # 2 for a $15.00 dollar win excellent. Also big apologies for the poorly worded ?’s for round # 3 we will defiantly work on it. Thanks for playing see ya next week.

Jackson’s – Night of the drunk baseball fans June 22, 2007

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Well, they claimed to be baseball fans, but I have a feeling there were more BEER fans than baseball fans.

We did a night of all-baseball trivia to mark the end of the series with the Yankees (GO ROX!).  Well, let’s just say that people that say they are baseball fans don’t know squat about baseball.

Except for two teams.  Obvious Yankee fans, 27 in ’07, took first.  A nice job by an all-girl team.  not that girls don’t know anything about baseball…I just don’t see too many of them playing baseball.  However, if your parents grew up in Brooklyn, you should know Flatbush.

Team Rockies Sweep kept it competitive, but fortunately, the real Rockies were able to do better than Rockies supporters.

Thank you all for coming out tonight.  We’ll see you next week with the regular schedule of trivia!

Buffalo Wild Wings – Tough Game June 22, 2007

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Well last night started off with most teams struggling in the first round. From the first question, which nobody got, it was a tough round. Sorry teams, while Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife is indeed “Mrs. Gorbachev” your clever answers were not accepted. Round Two was more of the same, nobody did too well except returning team 2 Two Stupids, a mix of a team from weeks passed, The Fab [insert number], and some newcomers they brought. They easily won the round and didn’t slow down in Round Three. This was a week of name changes for another team as well, Captain Obvious from back in the day was down to two people, from six, and relegated themselves to Dazed & Confused. The must not have been too confused because they came in second only to the 2 Two Stupids.

Similar to last week, a newcomer came in and made a third place showing. Thing was the dude was by himself. That’s right, team Me, Myself and I came out and showed he was the smarter man.

Honorable mention goes to a few young teams, The Jizzy J’s who got 17 points in the Third Round, rivaling the round winner, and Team Ramrod who took 4th overall despite missing the First Round entirely. And also Team Fart Knocker who I think was stoned.

Longtime players The Go Cats and Team Beer didn’t come in this week, hopefully they’ll be back next week.

JR’s- Could this night have been any crazier?!? June 22, 2007

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What a wild, strange night for the ol’ Buzzwordz at JR’s…. My apologies for the late start.  I hate when the grown-up job keeps me from partying with my awesome trivia teams!  …And then the sound went out.  Lots of thanks to Christopher and crew from that other place across the way for patching us up and saving the game.

Recap:  Out of nowhere, Los Putos rallied for a 23-point final round and took the game with a commanding 38 points overall!  Watch out guys, these boys are fierce!  I know they will be back and will be a force to be reckoned with.  Abercrombie Shirt Guy (a.k.a. Fuckable Kyle a.k.a. I Heart Wal-mart) also had an impressive evening…. 3rd place to last week’s winners.  Starship Cruisers taking second and the $50 bartab.  I PROMISE we will start at 9p this Weds.  Happy Pride!!!

Charlie’s – The few, the proud, …the returning June 22, 2007

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Welcome to the first ever blog for Buzzwordz Trivia @ Charlie’s Denver!  Though we are few in numbers, I think we had a great time! Another evening of crass jokes and dirty minds….

JT- Again victorious!  Will someone please knock these guys off the top spot?!

Lance- Great start this week!  You were right there up til the end.

Alleycat- Coming in late but still a nice showing.

To all our new players- remember that we start @ 8p on Tuesdays.  Bring some friends and let grow this night in something great!  See you all next week!